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Tuesday, February 19, 2013

How to Custom Domain on Blogspot

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It seems like more and more bloggers are switching from domain to see the development of such a thing Master Chef being motivated to share about the Blog Tutorial On How To Custom Domain Blogspot. Well for you who would like to have your own domain you can follow that will deliver this time Master Chef. Before getting into the discussion about the little Master Chef tangent advantages to a custom domain that Master Chef Master learned from the blog are:

1.  Impression of the blogs will be very different if blogs use paid domain name such as. Com,. Net,. Org etc.. the domain as it looks more professional blog and provide a high level of confidence in any blog visitors.

2.  Memperpendek alamat blog kamu sehingga terlihat lebih rapi karena tidak ada buntutnya. dengan demikian akan lebih mudah diingat oleh banyak orang.

3.  Many SEO experts say a paid domain more SEO Friendly. thus the blog will be easier in the optimization.

well that is a few points about the advantages of setting cutom domain on blogspot. If you are interested in switching kedomain paid, simply follow these steps:

1.  Before you perform a custom domain on blogspot make sure you are buying the domain you want you want. to get the actual domain you can buy directly from the setting Custom Domain Blogspot but the procedure is rather complicated so Master Chef recommend to buy it in the local Domain Hosting. diaman up all you like.
2.  If you already have an account login instantly domain blogger
3.  Click on the Settings menu or settings and then click Add Domain Specific

4.  After you click Add Domain Specific the page will appear as below, Since you are buying domains outside service blogspot Click on the link marked Switch to Advanced Settings section as designated by the arrows in the following figure:

5.  Enter the domain that you have and then click save.

6 . completed

So how to make Custom Domain In Blogspot. But usually if you buy a domain where not provide Free DNS it would appear the case where when you click the Save button will pop up a warning We Can not Verify Your Authority Over Domain is like following:

If it appears that way you will not be able to apply your domain on blogspot. but you do not have a solution hawatir because all that is by setting up DNS on the DNS provider's DNS Internet for Free or domain you Have. Master Chef himself Using the services of "" Setting DNS domain to blogspot.


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