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Sunday, February 24, 2013

How to Hide a Message in the Status Page Label / Search Blogger

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Good evening, morning, afternoon and evening for a reading. :) This article is a post request by a blogger friend who wanted to delete, remove or hide the status messages (status message) that usually appears on the top of the page or the blog label search results page Blogger. Blogger Terms of ya, "Status Message Bar". Perhaps it seems less elegant and attractive when the status message label / search appears at the top of a collection of posts grouped by label or search results. For some people, this view would damage the overall blog design. Buddy is all of course very often see the "status", or yah ... say "information".

There are many other variations of the message used on the label and search and query dependent parameters are used.

Message status is regulated through the Blogger engine and server request a specific XML tag. So, as the concept of Blogger template structure, Status Message Bar is still "widgetized", is a widget, just like the post, sidebar widgets, etc.. Then, still on the Blogger server, the message is set default zoom through CSS.

Well, of the two concepts used by the Blogger, we can do a small hack to remove or eliminate the status message at the label and search pages in two ways:
1. Deleting an XML tag status message bar.
2. Hiding the message status bar display using the new CSS (with "class" exactly the same), and menumpuki default CSS rules.

Eliminate Message Status Label / Tag Search by Removing his

Here's how:
1. Go to dashboard> Template> Edit HTML.
2. Check the "Expand Widgets Template" in the upper right corner.
3. Find the following tag:

<b:include data='top' name='status-message'/>
3. Save the template.

After doing one of the above, see the results on the label and search pages. If do right, the status message will not appear.

Conclusion and Tips
I present two methods above hack in order to choose which one is best to use. However, as a suggestion, you should use the second way, because in this way tend to be more secure and does not change the composition of the map any tag in a template.

From the use of hack through CSS, means obtained also concluded that we could do more for his design. Want to make an appearance on the Status Message Bar blog more interesting? In the next opportunity, I will be sharing some of his designs.

Note also we can not change the ISI message because all set in the Blogger engine, instead of the template. What can be done is REPLACING it. These are two distinctly different concepts. The trick? Wait! I immediately returned to the topic, blog tips, and other interesting tutorials. :) Have a nice blogging on Blogger!


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