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Monday, February 25, 2013

Seo For Blog New - Basic Seo

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For those of you who have made the blog, and do not understand about seo, here I try to share a little about the basic seo that might be useful for you.All blog definitely want to be ranked high on a search engine to help you generate more traffic and of course could make your business grow. In this post I want to share a little with you about three basic search engine optimization tips that will help your blog to reach higher ranking in search engines..

First, select your keyword phrases wisely for each web page on your website. Choose keywords that are also related to the keywords you have chosen as the subject of related keywords will likely also frequently used in the search. For effective search engine optimization, choose different keywords for each page, so the page you do not end up being competitors of each other.

Place the keyword density in the title of the article, in content and in the image tag. But you should avoid excessive keyword, because too much repetition can lead to downgrade your website or blog in search engine and it will ruin the effect of your own article. Optimal strategy is to find the right balance.

Second, the contents of articles with quality content. And frequently update your content at least 2 to 3 content in one week, more is better. Not the sooner the better so (like the party slogan .. hehe). Why should fill quality content and frequent updates? Because the search engine spider or robot spider (not spiderman) will regularly inspect the site and look for new content or modification of existing content. Your new content will increase the chances of your site will appear higher in the search for the keywords you choose.

Online visitors often visit a blog to find information and interesting content related to their interests. Increased traffic to your website or blog will also increase visibility to others and also the search engines.

In this article, you can also add links to similar content on websites or blogs other people can reply with the same link to bring visitors to your blog. The term mutual link exchange. hehe

Third, the use of meta description tag also helps in improving SEO. Meta description tag is a short paragraph that appears in the list of search engines that provide a synopsis of your site. Prospective visitors online spiders and robots can have their first interaction with your site via the meta tag description you write. you also need to make sure that you give an accurate description of your business or information available on your website.

Description should be short, about 30 words, do not forget to insert his key words you choose, and must remember to use different meta description tag for each page on the website you can create a strong impact in the eyes of search engines.

These are just three things to the basic seo blog, could probably also be improved for SEO blog, SEO is a broad topic because the criteria for higher SEO rankings will continue to change-change at any time. Because when we dig deeper into the SEO, we will discover that we can also use the site map, Google Analytics, link building and many other strategies, each of which has an effective way in its own way. To start, could only focus on the three factors above, keyword phrases, content and meta tag descriptions, because the above three basic SEO can make your website will start to move up in the search engines, and can generate more traffic for your site your course.


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