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Thursday, February 28, 2013

ways to streamline, reduce, slimming alexa rank

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Having a blog with a minimum alexa rank is a dream for a blogger. Alexa rank not just as decoration but also will be a special attraction for those who want to advertise on our blog. That often arises in our minds is how to make a sleek and alexa rank minimum. This time I will try to share tips for all of you on how to realize the dream of a slender gets alexa rank is, this is how I test in this blog and the results were 100% successful. A little story about this blog, this blog was only about one month and already has alexa rank 5 million is not that a great thing? When the newly created blog alexa rank indicates no data, 3 days later showed 25 million rakning 3 days after it dropped to 19 million and up to now rank to 5 million and continues to diminish every day. Well without elaborate this is the way I did to my blog :

Use the template light
Templates are important in the appearance of the blog, but the template is too great and the weight would be considered excessive and not good for SEO and alexa rank.

Designing SEO templae
Many ways to do so as a seo templates, including adding a meta tag descriptions, install related posts and much more.

Not lazy to manage a blog
Never lazy to manage a blog, try every day to make the article and see your alexa ranking will soon decline.

Periodic Update
Although you are able to update the blog 30 articles per week, but it's no better than a blog update 3 articles every day, try to update the blog per day.

Expand article
The more articles that you create should decline alexa ranking.

Hopefully useful.


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